Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Simulating a filesystem with not space left

The situation:

This may sound curious, but yes I had to simulate a filesystem with no space left in order to reproduce a failure that caused problems with the uploads on an PHP application. The upload tmp dir got full and the application stopped uploading files.

The application was running on a VM and there was no LVM. This meant that I would had to add a disk to the VM, restart de VM, create a new partition... It was to many steps for a simple test. Besides that, I wouldn't use the partition again after the test.

The Solution:

Create a filesystem on a file, use it as a loopback device and fill the filesystem. I thought loopback devices were useful just for mounting ISOs and disk images, but no, they became really useful on this situation:
That's it. I updated the upload_tmp_dir PHP parameter to:
upload_tmp_dir = /mnt/php-full-device

The developer corrected the bug and I didn't have add another disk to the VM (I know, I'm lazy).

Bonus Track:

Here I leave some additional commands that might be useful:
As you may appreciate this is easy to implement and doesn't require any server restarts.

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